My name is Moa. I’m a singer and an aspiring artist. After a five-year long break of not singing, due to health issues, I’m finally back and ready to pursue my dream. I started developing a blog when I stopped singing, and since then I’ve blogged for the platforms, Tailsweep, VeckoRevyn and Bonnier, and collaborated with partners such as Karl Lagerfeld, among others. Over these past years, I’ve battled with my health, undergone a healing journey, traveled, blogged e.t.c. I’m currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m starting to develop a career as a singer. I sing, make and record music and share videos online of me singing my songs. It’s scary to do that, but it’s worth it. It’s what I came here to do. Thank you for seeing and hearing me! It means a lot to me. Love, Moa.